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North Carolina will always be considered home regardless of where I live and even though I no longer have any family living there. I moved to Taiwan July 2012 when I accepted my first international teaching job at KAS. I had taught in the US for six years before making the trek across the globe to Asia. I am very passionate about teaching and technology. I’m addicted to YA literature and crime, thriller, mystery novels. On a beautiful day with time permitting, I can always be found at the beach. It is my happy place and the only time I really relax. Other hobbies include swimming and biking. I enjoy being outdoors and crave natural Vitamin D. I have an amazing husband and a lovely, precious daughter. They keep me on my toes and remind me of the most important aspects of life.

I recently jumped in to become an Arbonne Brand Ambassador. It has been a great experience. My favorite part is how regardless of connections people are helping each other. Everyone wants you to succeed and that is beautiful!


Educational Badges & Certificates

MYP L&L C1 Terea.jpg

coetail completion certificatehorizontalterea


Terea Marcum_MYP Creating authentic units

21CLHK10 Certificate


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  1. I’m addicted to YA literature too! In the middle of the Divergent trilogy at the moment, anything good you’ve read recently that you’d recommend?


    1. Well, the Divergent trilogy is one my favorites. It is a great series. I discovered Amanda Hocking this summer, and I have read almost all of her books. Start with the Trylle trilogies. I am a huge fan of trilogies as they are my favorite. The only except thus far is Harry Potter. Books after 3 or 4 leave me restless, bored, and not caring if anyone survives. Not sure what else you have read but would love to continue this discussion!


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